My Right Hand Just Ain’t Right

I’ve learned 2 things this week:  (1) There is something wrong with my right arm and hand, and (2) I can be surprisingly ambidextrous when the situation demands (evidence: see sad hand below).   The problem — a brand new one — came on very suddenly about 3 weeks ago.  I suddenly started having serious pain in my arm, the area between my wrist and my elbow.  The pain was a deep-down throbbing kind of pain, which I would feel most strongly at night.    In the morning, that pain would shift position and concentrate in, of all places, the back of my hand.  My arm was also as weak as a kitten. Then for a couple of days, all seemed OK again.  And now, things are back to being not OK.


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That 1AM Call

Even during the best of times, we fear it. We dread it. And we know that someday, we will get it.  And we know that the shrill ring piercing the night at the ungodly hour of O’dark-thirty is never someone calling to say that we’ve just won a lottery, or otherwise happy news.  This past weekend, I received my first 1AM phone call.  Continue reading