Hello world!

Welcome to my very first blog post!

In the next post, I will provide some background that led me here, but here’s the abridged version:  about a week ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).  The possibility of this diagnosis has loomed for quite some time (again, I’ll fill you in with the details in future posts), but as you might imagine, considering the possibility of a diagnosis is quite different from weighing the pros/cons of treatment options…

Which brings me back to why I am starting a blog: (1) I may very well need some sage health advice in the future from those who preceded me in this “journey”;  (2) the scientist in me is interested in identifying common threads in the longterm health backgrounds of those who end up getting MS and other neurological issues; and  (3) perhaps my blog will help others seeking advice.  Here’s what I’ve learned about blogs on the topic of MS:  they tend to be big on self-pity and in seeking empathy, and rather thin on facts and advice that could potentially prove helpful to others.  My intent is that the contents of this blog be of the second category.  In between health discussions, I’ll try to share some of the aspects of my career that may be of interest to others (astronomy), and maybe even discuss some random science topic that has grabbed my attention that week!   I’m not above delving into religion and politics on occasion, as well, but I promise to always be respectful!

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