A Whole Lot of Popping Going On

The house has risen! And in last 2 nights since the foundation repair crew left, the house sure had a lot to say about the “abuse” it had received.  The otherwise quiet nights were filled with grumbling sounds (usually StarMan is the source of those noises), pops and crackles.  Sounded like the whole gosh-darned thing was going to fall down.

The crew warned me that these noises would continue for a while.  I have to say that the walls are significantly quieter today, which also helped to settle my nerves about the whole thing.  Unfortunately, there is now a whole lot of cleaning up in the yard that this unexpected foundation work has necessitated, and my energy reserves are running in the negative.

My house and I have a lot in common. For starters, I’m not sure that the house was “diagnosed” correctly, as it had strange and conflicting symptoms:  although the floor (a concrete slab) was clearly sloped, the door and window frames were square, and the walls and window sills were at their vertical and horizontal orientations, respectively.  Clearly, lifting up one end of the house would eliminate the slope, but then would cause all of these other things to be out-of-whack.  In the end, the foundation repair crew only raised the end of the house by a little bit (about an inch), just enough to close up some minor cracks along the brick, but not enough to turn the frame of the house from square |  | to parallelogram / /.   The person leading the effort said that he felt much of the pitch of the floor was due to the way that the slab itself had been poured, and that the house framing had “taken the slope into account” when it was built, thus the reason for the mostly-square door and window frames. Hopefully, just like the Copaxone that I am taking, the “fix” helped the situation if the situation needed help, but didn’t do any harm if this “fix” was a result of a wrong diagnosis.  But the bottom line, for my house, is that I still walk downhill when I go down the hall, but the hill is just a little less steep now.

Would I go through this whole foundation repair thing again, knowing what I know now?  I’m not sure, but what I would do is get a few additional independent assessments before proceeding with any work, even if it did delay my putting the house on the market by additional months.


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