Who/What is StargzrBlog?

I am a professional astronomer who currently lives in Northern California.  For the past nearly 15 years, I’ve shared my life with another astronomer  (“StarMan”) who is as much my soul mate as he is my professional research collaborator.  In addition to our shared love of our profession, we love the Great Outdoors.  Biking, hiking and camping are how we first fell in love with each other.  We’ve added gardening, cooking and house repair to that list, since living together!  In 2012, through what was supposed to be a routine eye exam for an updated contact lenses prescription, I learned that my eyes have suffered serious optic neuropathy (the nerve fiber layers are atrophied), which eventually led to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  At the moment, I am in a “trust but validate” phase of this diagnosis. I accept that I may very well have MS, but I am also exploring alternative causes for the optical atrophy, as I want to make sure that the true underlying cause is what is being treated. My blog is intended to take you through that journey in detail.  For the benefit of others who may also be traveling this path, I try to provide as many details as possible:  the data (MRIs, OCT scans, relevant blood work), the questions I’ve posed to various physicians, and the answers I receive.  In between the medical updates, I hope to insert interesting articles about science and astronomy.  Thanks for stopping by!

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