A Whole Lot of Popping Going On

The house has risen! And in last 2 nights since the foundation repair crew left, the house sure had a lot to say about the “abuse” it had received.  The otherwise quiet nights were filled with grumbling sounds (usually StarMan is the source of those noises), pops and crackles.  Sounded like the whole gosh-darned thing was going to fall down.

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Updated post notice (Feb 18, 2013)

Just a quick note to inform my readers that I updated this post by including better/clearer pictures and some additional test results that I had left out of the original post.   When I went back to that original post and read it with “fresh eyes”, I realized that the images were really of poor quality and hardly legible, which defeated the whole purpose of that post, which was to share/exchange test information and test results.

I’ve let too much time pass since my last post, and there’s plenty to tell!  Hopefully I’ll find some time in the next couple of days to publish a new post and catch the StargzrBlog back up to the present!

Until then, ciao!

A Week of Accomplishment and Renewed Commitment

In my current job, my primary responsibility is more of management and scientific “oversight”.  These days, I don’t often get the time to do what I trained for in all those years I put in during college and graduate school:  to do basic research.  Well, this week, I managed to re-prioritize my time so that I could get a paper finished that I am helping to co-author and that will be submitted to an astronomy journal soon!  Continue reading