Year 2013 First Trimester Review: Travel Resolution

The government agency for which I work holds its employees responsible for at least two performance reviews per year:  one is the “real” review, which forms the basis of promotions and awards. The other is a 6-month check up to see if the employee is on-track for meeting the performance goals that were established between the employee and his/her management in the previous year.  While I really detest/dread these performance reviews — they take up an inordinate amount of preparation time  —  I have to admit that they do serve a useful purpose: they hold us measurably accountable for the things we promised we’d deliver.  In that same spirit, I’ve now had 4 months to dig into my 2013 New Year Resolutions:  What’s my score so far? Continue reading

New Beginnings

Nearly everyone loves this time of the year, and why wouldn’t we?  January 1st represents a clean slate, new beginnings, future promise. The snow-covered landscapes reinforce this notion — the white downy layer covers up the bare ugliness of dead vegetation and other imperfections left by autumn after the beautiful colors are all gone.  At this time of the year, anything seems possible, and so we dream, make resolutions, make promises.

I’ve never been one to make New Year resolutions because, quite frankly, they always end up seeming more like political campaign slogans …  pleasant to the ears but short on follow-through. Upon further reflection, however, I’ve decided to commit to a couple of resolutions, given they meet the following conditions: Continue reading