The 30-day Habit

“They” say that practicing a good habit for 30 days straight makes one more likely to follow the habit for a long time.  If this belief is indeed true, then I have mastered the art of Copaxone injections. Tonight marks exactly a month ago that I started taking the injections with nary a skipped shot (in spite of also having taken at least 2 major trips over that same period of time)!   You may recall that not-so-long-ago, these injections did not come easy for me. Continue reading

Daily injections of fire

[NOTE: updated on Feb 21, 2013 — added a couple new injection suggestions near bottom of post].  I’m posting fast-and-furious  because my life is in super-fast motion right now, and I need to get y’all caught up to “today” rather than telling historical stories. Reading a blow-by-blow account of someone’s  life,  rather than a historical account of past events, allows the reader to be “in the moment” with the author, experiencing all the twists and turns, and makes for far more interesting reading!  My past posts have served to provide some medical history/background, but very soon (maybe after this post?) we’ll be all caught up and current with today.

Enough disclaimer, now back to the regularly scheduled program …

Multiple sclerosis, briefly, is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks the myelin sheath that surrounds/protects the neural axons in the “white matter” part of the brain (the “white” actually comes from the myelin, which is a fatty tissue). Continue reading